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dynamic dental group

Located in the rural town of Vandalia, Illinois, Dynamic Dental’s brand was developed in a manner that would be relevant to a diverse, outstretched community through bright, lively colors, modern fonts and imagery that was relevant to those that live in the area surrounding the office. 


Web Design
Creative Design
Social Media
Media Planning & Buying
TV Production
Experiential Marketing
Event Planning
Direct Mail


Creative Executive Officer
Art Director
Web Designer
Media Buyer
Event Planner
Intelligence Officer
Strategic Planner

Web Design

The website was designed to be both functional and inviting to the prospective and current clientele. Through optimization, prospective patients can easily schedule appointments, find information about the staff and location, as well as request more information pertaining to the business.

customer engagement

Through fun social media campaigns and interactive print marketing, our team was able to create engaging content that was able to be shared across various platforms.


Dynamic Dental’s patients come for cities up to 25 miles away for their services. After determining target market information through analysis of website traffic, we are able to consistently reach new patient through direct mail outreach and new patient offers.

Animated Advertising

In line with the fun creative brand, we developed a series of interactive social, display and mobile app advertisements that became a viral sensation in the community surrounding Dynamic Dental.

Engagement with these advertisements was so high that the office’s Facebook following doubled in the six months following roll out of the campaign.

Display Advertising

Reaching Dynamic Dental’s target market through display and mobile app advertising has increased their business more than 200% over the three year period that we have represented them. The office has had the need to hire additional dentists to meet the demand for new patients.