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McKendree MetroRecPlex

The McKendree MetroRecPlex is a full-service facility that offers everything from ice skating to fitness and swimming. The initial goal was to establish a brand presence that encompassed the facility as a whole while still highlighting everything that is offered through memberships and daily passes, creating a brand that represented an all-in-one location where the families, friends, and new to the area enlisted military members can come together with a focus on movement, health and wellness.


Web Design
Creative Design
Large Format Graphics


Creative Executive Officer
Art Director
Web Designer

Web design

The website for the MetroRecPlex is complicated and unique as it has a need to be very functional in combination with being sleek and inviting to prospective members. Interactive calendars and class offerings don several of the pages while a push for new membership and activity participation is present throughout the entire website.


Sleek Design

Functional and Interactive



User Experience Research

More than 80% of the visitors to the McKendree MetroRecPlex’s website are coming from mobile devices. Because of this, the website had to be reactive and optimized.

Brand Redesign

In a market that is consistently competitive, keeping the brand fresh is very important. In 2019, Plex 2.0 was introduced, pushing the limits of the brand and highlighting those who are active at the facility and within the company.

Web Development

With consumers regularly consulting the calendars on the website to sign up for ice and pool times, an interactive option to add dates to calendars and sign up for classes.


Fresh videos featuring the members and staff of the McKendree MetroRecPlex were an important part of the development, roll-out and maintenance of the brand. From savvy hockey players to elite athletes, a consistent set of original videography keeps the brand alive and inviting.

Creative Process

Our creative process always begins with the client. A brandstorming session sets the stage where our team of creatives is able to thrive.

After learning the needs and goals of the client, our team comes together to develop ideas that will meet those needs. Through colors and fonts, photography and other visuals, we were able to design a look and feel that encompassed the facility as a whole.

Time Management

Deadlines for both our team and the client are an important factor that contributes to the continued success of the MetroRecPlex’s branding and campaigns.

Market Research

Other facilities like the MetroRecPlex often present themselves as individual businesses within a franchise. It was important for the Plex to stand out among these big businesses through an elite, individualized look and feel.


The original photography that is currently used for Plex 2.0 was created with the elite athlete in mind. In order to meet the need to push the fitness offerings at the complex and highlight their team of personal trainers, we developed a look and feel that was rich, strong and would stand out among the competition.