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Harmony School District 175

The Harmony Emge School District is an award-winning and state recognized school district in Belleville, Illinois. In order to educate the community on the successes of the school district and present it in a manner that was attractive to prospective families, we utilized the existing logo and created a bright, smart brand that is attractive and supportive of the district’s abilities. 


Creative Design
Large Scale Graphics
Print Advertising


Creative Executive Officer
Art Director


It was important to utilize our videography in a manner that was capable of being used more than once. A long-form promotional video was created and then dissected in to shorts that were used on social media platforms to promote events at the schools and within the district.


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Creative Process

In order to understand the brand that needed to be created, we had to first understand the community for which we were creating it.

Our team of creatives sat down with the Harmony Emge School Board and a select group of parents and held a brandstorming session that resulted in several keywords that described the Harmony Emge District.

We then integrated those words in to the design and copy that was utilized in the brand book and across several different facets of the school’s brand composition.  

The Market

It’s an unusual thought, branding and advertising a public school.

However, in the case of Harmony Emge, there was a need to educate more than the students, there was a whole community that needed to be educated on each of the outstanding schools in the Harmony Emge School District.

Market Research

Surrounded by private schools, it was important for Harmony Emge to align with those schools and level up in order to change the perceptions that the community had about the school.

By featuring actual students and teachers at the school in the advertising, we were able to personalize the brand in a way that was shareable and viral across several platforms.


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Through brilliant original photography, statistical research that proved the sustenance of the district’s capabilities, Harmony Emge became more than an option, the school district was now one that was desired by families in the surrounding area.

A focus on interactive technology, the diversity of the student body, and the bright colors that already existed within the brand, we were able to capture the beauty and livelihood that exists within the schools.